Our Planet needs our Help

Our Actions

It is of paramount importance to us to ensure that we do not further contribute to the environmental burdens currently created by many businesses and industries. Our goal is to continuously minimize and diminish the environmental impact of our products and production processes until we can reach net zero emissions.


We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by improving energy efficiency through production process optimization, upgrading to energy-efficient machinery, utilizing on-site solar power, and planning for green buildings in all our future expansions. We will continually increase the use of renewable energy and strive to implement low-carbon practices.

Our performance is tracked and measured by the Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions defined by the standard GHG protocol. As per the Paris Agreement, we are committed to a science-based reduction level limiting the global temperature rise with 1.5°C World as the corporate objective.

Environmental Initiatives & Innovations

Many of our environmental initiatives and innovations contribute to our climate change/emission targets.

Our upcycled fabrics are 100% made from recycled PET bottles. We use as much recycled plastics whenever and wherever we can in all our products; we continue to increase our reliance on solar panels at our facilities to generate electricity every year; we report to, getting certified, and audited by 3rd party organizations such as Global Recycling Standard (GRS), and Carbon Disclosure Project.

Our Prospects

We believe that through unwavering commitment and research & development, we can all contribute to the betterment of our planet. When the time comes for rebuilding factory buildings, we will consider adopting energy-efficiency systems and designs. We will explore further opportunities to invest in other renewable energy sources to lower our carbon footprint. We will discover more eco-friendly materials to incorporate into our product offerings and continually improve our manufacturing processes.