Meticulous Attention to Materials

Taking bold steps to make the world a greener place for future generations, we capture the beauty of Mother Nature by making every effort to source sustainably. Our goal is to continuously increase the percentage of eco-materials used in our business until our eco-portfolio reaches 100% from recycled or biodegradable materials by 2030.

Lighter Environmental Footprint

We carefully source all our materials requiring certifications of provenance and proof of chain of custody to ensure that all the materials that we use in producing our products are environmentally safe and friendly. To complement responsibly sourced eco-materials, our manufacturing facilities are equipped with solar panels and wastewater treatment systems to lighten our environmental footprint.

Upcycled Fabrics

Our upcycled fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles. Each year, we divert over 10 million 600 ml beverage bottles worth of PET from landfills which otherwise would have entered the environment. Instead, they have been repurposed into beautiful artisanal botanicals.

Recycled Plastics

We use recycled polypropylene (RPP), recycled polyethylene (RPE), and upcycled PET fabrics sourced from post-consumer materials like wrapping film, plastic cups and bottles. Using recycled plastic not only reduces plastic waste entering landfills and the natural environment, but it also requires less energy in its production than traditional virgin plastic; hence a significantly reduced carbon footprint.


In all the materials that we use, we continually search and utilize the most environmentally friendly and responsible methods. For wood, it would be from FSC®-certified sources.

Our Goals

All materials impact our planet, from their production, use and, ultimately, end of life and disposal. Through our current policies and commitments, we are reducing our environmental footprint by identifying the following targets:

By 2025

Source more than 50% materials from recycled or biodegradable materials

By 2030

Use 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials in packaging

By 2030

Source 100% materials from recycled or biodegradable materials

By 2031

Target a reduction of absolute GHG 25% by 2031