Global reach

Through our valuable and long-term strategic partners, our products are available in over 60 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we currently have offices in China, Asia and North America. Our wholly owned & operated factories are located in China and South East Asia.



Our organization has been identified by our trading partners to be the recipient of various awards throughout the years. These accolades are for recognition for our commitment to product quality & design, customer service, partnership, innovation, and sustainability initiatives. Ultimately, we do not work for awards and/or accolades, but it is always nice to be recognized for our efforts and commitments; especially for the members of our devoted and hardworking teams. We will always remain dedicated to serving our customers and their needs.

Michaels Stores Partnership Award

Michaels Stores Outstanding Services Award

Michaels Stores Annual Partnership Award

Sam's Club Achievement in Product & Process Innovation Award

Williams-Sonoma, Inc Vendor Appreciation Award