Moving towards a carbon neutral future

Our Commitment to Green Manufacturing

Our commitment to green manufacturing is verified and substantiated by being accountable. Audits and inspections are conducted by outside independent agencies annually. We seek to adhere to the most stringent and widely accepted global standards.

Major Recognitions

We have attained the following certificates:


Automation plays a key role in our efficiency and productivity. We utilize a wide range of automated solutions in our production and continually seek advancement in this area. Automation provides a comprehensive and integral solution to our manufacturing and creates a safer work environment.

Green Energy

We are committed to increasing our reliance on renewable energy. Beyond the solar panels installed on our facilities, future building projects will be constructed with sustainability considerations.

Responsible Sourcing

Taking a responsible approach to supply chain management, we work closely with our supplier community to challenge and push the efforts in sourcing, developing, and using sustainably sourced materials. Our policy is not just for materials; we incorporate environmental and social considerations into the relationship with our suppliers, which include a code of conduct and engagement programs.

Our Commitment

In our continuous effort and commitment to sustainability, we continue to invest and work toward the following:

Reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2031

Divert 75% waste from landfill by 2025

Maintain zero non-compliance cases in wastewater discharge regulations by 2030

Include environment & social expectations and human rights related clauses in the Supplier Code of Conduct