Invitation as a speaker at the HK Polytechnic University “Conference on Green and Sustainable Materials 2023”

UCP was very honored to be invited to speak at the “Conference on Green and Sustainable Materials 2023,” hosted by the Research Centre for Advanced Design, Materials, and Manufacturing Technologies (RCADMM) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Notably, we stood out as the sole industry representative among many other scientific teams.

As the exclusive industry representative, we take immense pride in acknowledging our member, Katy Siu, from the Innovation Hub (iHub) team, who presented on behalf of our company. Katy provided a concise overview of UCP, emphasizing the reasons behind our concerns regarding plastic waste, outlining our journey towards eco-friendly materials, sharing the state of using recycled plastics in our products, and concluding with a comprehensive overview of our sustainability initiatives.

Through this informative presentation, we aim to contribute valuable insights into the application of eco-materials and foster potential collaborations with industry and academic partners. Together, we aspire to develop a comprehensive solution to combat the pervasive issue of plastic pollution.



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