Embrace the spirit of innovation

Ever since its naissance and evolvement from the small cottage industry of purely arts and crafts, the faux botanical industry has made leaps and bounds since the 1950s.

Throughout the years, the family-owned business has never stopped pushing for the envelope and embracing innovation wherever it can.

From the early stage, our founder, Mr. J.Y. Koo, and the second generation have been leveraging their solid experience in the market and global insights to pursue innovation in many aspects of our business, like product design, product development, artistry, and material development. We know our customers expect nothing short of excellence from us. To keep up with the ever-increasing demands in quality and quantity, we have been improving our design methodology and manufacturing processes, such as injection molding design and the extensive use of automation, just to mention a few.

The spirit of innovation has not been lost from generation to generation. Members of the family ride on technological advances to bring transformations, such as developing eco-friendly materials, setting up virtual showrooms in response to economic and social challenges, and keeping our fingers on the global pulse to spark new ways of thinking; all for sustainable corporate development in this traditional industry; ever to excel.



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