Inspirations from the beauty of summer

Each of the seasons provides its own unique inspiration for our company’s creatives. Summer is no exception, its arrival is signified by daylight staying with us longer, warmer temperatures, and our children being on break from school.

Summer season’s nature can be appreciated in its full beauty in all forms: in some places, the monsoon season can bring about torrential rains and tropical blooms; other locales exhibit climates with extreme arid conditions.

However, in the right place and time, summer botanicals like Dahlia, Peony, Lavender, and Hibiscus can be appreciated in their full magnificence in all various shapes, forms, sizes, vibrant colors, and even distinct fragrances. All of these amazing characteristics provide our creative teams with boundless inspiration for our floral designs.

As nature draws and paints with light by casting interesting shadows on botanicals, petals look almost translucent under the sunshine showing their delicate textures. It is an exciting time for novice to professional photographers to seek out the perfect shot.

Please kindly feel free to share with us your amazing discoveries in nature!



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