Our principles of artisanal design and craftsmanship

Being observant, meticulous, and possessing the spirit to learn and improve continuously is the foundation of artisanal design and craftsmanship.

We have dedicated our lives and careers with the passion to carefully and respectfully master the beauty of Mother Nature’s botanicals and pay homage to her through our creations over the years. Our master artisans and apprentices carefully study the various angles and growth stages of more than tens of thousands of types of flowers, flowering/foliage branches, exotic tropical flora/foliage, and plants from around the world in hopes of capturing as much of nature’s beauty as possible.

From appearance, texture, color, to touch, we place great emphasis on product details and materials in an effort to give each of our botanicals a realistic look, inspire households around the world to decorate and celebrate life, elevate spatial aesthetics, and enhance one’s quality of life.



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