The blossoming magic of spring

Every year, the Spring Equinox arrives on March 20/21, and it marks the beginning of Spring for those living in the northern hemisphere. The season of Spring holds special meaning to humankind, as it symbolises rebirth, renewal, rejuvenation, and growth. It’s probably the most anticipated season due to its agricultural significance. It’s a time for folks to shrug off the winter blues, look forward to the return of milder temperatures and longer sunlight hours; and being able to spend more time outdoors.

For anthophiles (lovers of flowers & plants), it’s an especially important time to plan out their gardens or activities such as nature hikes/tours, visits to botanical gardens, or even just popping in their favorite florist/garden center, etc. No one can deny the allure of the crisp, vibrant colors and scintillating scents/fragrances that titillate our visual and olfactory senses.

Here in some parts of Asia, the appreciation of flowers is ingrained into the social fabric, and there are periods particularly designated for such leisurely and soul-enriching activities. For example, in Japan, the Sakura or cherry blossom season is eagerly anticipated, not just because the national flower symbolizes renewal and optimism, but because the cherry blossom is such a fragile flower that only blooms at a specific time under certain weather conditions. The correlation between the fragility and fleetingness of life is often made between the flower and that of human beings. Whilst each country may have its national flower and traditions for Spring’s arrival, the Cherry Blossom festival has been adopted by many regions where people go on picnics or take scenic walks in parks and gardens to experience the blooming cycle of this beautiful flora. Cherry blossom viewing season has become a tradition in many locales throughout the world in countries such as Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, S. Korea, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, UK, US, etc., just to name a few. As with all festivals and seasons, the cherry blossom season is associated with its specialty food and drinks, where the flower’s essence is infused into tasty consumables for people to enjoy.

For all of us at UCP, Spring is a special and magical season that we hold near and dear to our hearts. It allows us to visit, review, and study all the wondrous flowers we love and make them in the most sustainable manner we possibly can for everyone to enjoy. Please don’t misunderstand, nothing can ever replace nature, but at UCP, we pay homage to Mother Nature and the ancient art of flower making that has been practiced since the beginning of humankind.



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